The People's Pick, known as "The Pickaxe" (ザ・ツルハシ Za Tsuruhashi) in Japan, is the default pickaxe in the series, appearing in most games.

No Heroes Allowed!Edit

The People's Pick has the skill Dungeonquake, which has a Dig Power cost of 20 to be used. It removes all unwanted items from the dungeon and has a chance of temporarily paralyzing heroes.

Almanac entryEdit

Everyone's Favorite Excavator!

  • Skill: Dungeonquake
  • Dig Power Cost: 20

This pickaxe can't be picked up in any old hardware stiore. It's a marvel of toolcraft that cuts effortlessly through earth with the ◻ Button, and unleashes a deadly Dungeonquake at the touch of the R Button that will clean away any unwanted items left behind by heroes and give them a heart-stopping headache into the bargain! Warning: Dungeonquakes may damage fossils, orbs and other delicate items.


  • ◻ Button - We have to write it like this, because if we write "square button", you'll spend ages looking for a square button, which would a waste of time, because there isn't one.
  • Unwanted items left behind by heroes - "Unwanted items" is used in this case to mean the following:
    1) Tasty Meat
    2) Yummy Jerky
    3) Save Flags
    4) Barrel Bombs
    5) Outboxes
    Oh, and Pneumas, whatever they are.

Yūsha no Kuse ni Konamaiki da DASH!Edit

The People's Pick is the default pickaxe. It is upgraded to the Waterstarter.