"Show me yours and I'll show you mine..."
―The Pretty (Skanky) Woman Sukisuki Level 14

Sukisuki, known as "Hashīmu" (ハシーム) in Japan, is a hero from the series. She is a magician with a white robe.


What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?Edit

Sukisuki appeared in the Story alongside Shota is Stage 3 and Stage 7.

Almanac entriesEdit

080 Sukisuki

  • Sex: F
  • Age: She slapped us
  • Hobbies: This is a family show
HP: 132MP: 140ATK: 72DEF: 29RES: 20

Her life hasn't exactly been all peaches and cream. Just days before she left her poverty-stricken town, her house burned down, her horse ran away, her cat died, she lost her favorite pair of shoes, and she stepped in a cow pie with her second favorite pair of shoes. But you know what Brad says, "Be content with the cards you're dealt. *awkward stare* *nod* *lazy turn*"

089 Sukisuki

  • Sex: F
  • Age: She slapped us
  • Hobbies: This is a family show
HP: 360MP: 250ATK: 138DEF: 57RES: 41

"Okay, so like she died, and that total cheapskate Shota wouldn't make the donation to revive her, so like she's seriously pissed at him. And like, his beard is like totally creepy, it's giving me chills. Or maybe I need to wear a longer skirt..."

Yūsha no Kuse ni Konamaiki da DASH!Edit

Sukisuki (じだいとねるオンナ ハシーム) is one of the heroes in the game.


No. 0042 ハシーム
Rarity N
Lv. 52
HP 4220
Defense 81
Occupation Magician
Attribute Magic
Dig Skill None
Stage(s) Pangema Continent: Dark Cave: Stages 4, 5 and 6

No. 325 ハシーム
Rarity R
Lv. 140
HP 9510
Defense 164
Occupation Magician
Attribute Magic
Dig Skill 昆虫ハカセ
Stage(s) Nemuria Continent: Flame Tower: Stage 1


Introduction ジゴクのサタもカネシダイ……DEATH!
Idle どこだ…
Skill ボルガーノ!
Skill もちいます!
Death やられたの


Her quote is a reference to "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", implying that she wants to "play" with her partner.

Her Japanese quote (ジゴクのサタもカネシダイ……DETH!, "Jigoku no sata mo kane shidai... DETH!", "DEATH!" in later games) is derived from the saying "Jigoku no sata mo kin shidai", which is similar to the English saying "even Hell runs on money". Although kin was changed to kane, it keeps its meaning as the kanji 金 can be written in either way.