Slimemoss is the most basic nutrient-based monster. It's not a reccomended monster for hero-killing, but it can CREATE monsters for hero-killing.


Max. HP: 21

Atk: 13

Phys/Mag Def: 2/0

Fertility: -

When you create a dungeon, it's smart to spawn in some slimemosses. They will suck up nutrients and put them in another place in the soil. The richer the soil, the better the monsters.


-Soil-Based Nutrients



Of course, Slimemosses mutate as well. 


-American Slimemoss

-Paramerican Slimemoss

-American Giantmoss

-A secret mutation. Try to figure it out!

There is also a super-rare special species of Slimemoss - The Slimederella Moss. You can learn how to spawn it in Advanced Training.