Rook, known as Hajime (ハジメ) in Japan, is a hero from What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2. He is a swordsman with green armor. Beginner Rook Level 2 is the first hero fought in the Story.

Almanac entriesEdit

160 Rook

  • Sex: M
  • Age: 15
  • Blood Type: O
HP: 50MP: 20ATK: 6DEF: 4RES: 0

On the morn of his 15th birthday, young Rock headed to the local Department of Heroic Conquest and after waiting in line for 17 hours, picked up his Heo Permit. He bought a Bronze Sword from a used sword dealer and waited another 19 hours in line to sign up for a Beginner's Quest.


Introduction When do I get to Level Up?
Death I didn't save!
A companion dies What? Are you serious?
Found the Overlord Got ya!


His Japanese name, Hajime, can be translated as beginning and start, fitting with him being the first hero fought in the Story.

Rook's Almanac entry may be a reference to Dragon Quest III, where the protagonist started his quest in the morning of his 16th birthday and started with a Copper Sword. The Copper Sword was mistranslated as Bronze Sword in Rook's profile, possibly due to the similarities between copper and bronze.