Nutrients (養分 Youbun) have different appearances in soil. The more nutrients, the stronger the monster will be. There are three levels of nutrients, each with its own symbol on the soil block. Level 1 soil has at least one nutrient, level 2 soil has at least 10 nutrients and level 3 soil has at least 17 nutrients.

Soil TypeNutrientsMonsters
Lv. 0NoneNone
Lv. 1PoorMosses
Lv. 2FairInsects
Lv. 3RichLizardmen

Yu-Nama: The Puzzle and sequelsEdit

Nutrients appear on monster blocks and level up nearby blocks depending on the block it appeared. The higher the level, the rarer it is to appear, and it is lost when used in a combination. Soil blocks become level 1 blocks, and blocking blocks become soil blocks.

1 (Green)Above and under the block
2 (Blue)Up, down, left and right
3 (Red)Adjacent blocks, including diagonals
4 (Light Blue)Three columns
5 (Purple)All blocks