No Heroes Allowed! is the third game in the Badman series. It was copyrighted in 2010 by SCEA LLC/ SCEI. In this game, some more features were introduced to the game. One of the most prominent is the addition of aquatic monsters and, therefore, water. Also, new pickaxes are available after collecting dragon orbs (Pearl-like red orbs dropped by dead heroes) by tapping on them. Fossils have also been introduced, which pop up in random blocks around the stages. Another new feature is Badman&Badmella, a multiplayer mode that is played between two PSP's that both have the game. In this mode, one player plays as the infamous Overlord Badman, while another plays as Badmella, his teenage daughter.

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An Annoying Philosophy/Tone-Based ViewEdit

As with all Badman games, Overlord Badman talks with loveably sarcastic language. Still, after finishing the game, I found the hidden moral. Yeah, it gives it to you in a rather... bizarre way, but the message is clear; Sometimes things happen, so the best you can do is to make the best (Or in this case, technically, the worst) of it. No matter how much time you spend hollering cuss words at the top of your lungs at those stupid Slimemosses to "move where you want them to, you brainless blobs!!", they still go how they do; The heroes keep coming, so instead of trying to stop them from entering, (Which, by the way, you actually can't do...) just make the best of it- and have some fun while you're at it! ...But that's just MY opinion. -Skullman99

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