Mutaion is the system used in to badman series to create stronger creatures that are adapted to the current dungen.

There are four types of mutation:

Basic: Balanced between strength and fertility

abnormal: Weak with high fertility. Also has an effect based on the creature type. e.i. poisonnom can poison heroes or lizardmen

giant: Strong with low fertility. Will canibalize other giants to become stronger

special: Varies with each creature type.

To cause a mutation, the creature must be under enviormental stress. The stress is caused by massive lose of lives. there are three different stresses that each trigger ether basic, abnormal, or giant mutations.

Culling/ killed by hero:



The triggers for special mutation are as followed.

Slimemoss: Have the close to the same amount or more lizardmen than slimemoss

Omnom: Mutate into a prue buzzy bozzy three times in a row

Lizardman: mass death caused by eating trap food

Spirit: have a massive amount of spirits

Liliths: same as Lizardman