Mana (魔分) is a magic equivalent of nutrients that don't occur naturally. Soil gains mana when a nearby hero uses a skill or dies, or when a magic monster dies. Spirits are producers of mana. When a block containing more mana than nutrients is excavated with the pickaxe, they produce different monsters.

Creation Edit

Mana blocks are made from three different ways.

  • When a Hero dies, their unused mana is spread around the blocks nearby.
  • When a Hero uses a magic spell or an ability (such as a war cry), the mana that was used is spread to the blocks around them.
  • Spirits (monsters born from a level 1 mana block) act mana producers, just like Slimemosses produce nutrients. They take mana out of a block and spread it to other blocks.

Monsters Edit

Monsters made from mana blocks are more magically oriented, and two of the three monsters are ranged, which is a major difference between the two block types.

Lv. 1Spirits
Lv. 2Liliths
Lv. 3Dragons