Jax Pavan was the name of a wily Jedi gumshoe and 582,797,753 other male Humans on Coruscant, a small portion of whom are listed below.

Though they all had the same name, species, and gender, each Jax Pavan was a distinct individual, a fact many of them tried to emphasize by using catchy monosyllabic nicknames like Sev, Mort, Zag, Lob, Zip, Zoink, Fox, Hawk, Slug, Louse, Mite, Ram, Dass, Chunk, Pow, Biff, Zok, Jek, Tek, Riff, Ozz, Plunk, Plurk, Spoink, Frick, Dork, Christ, Stomp, Wank, Zek, Brunk, Rom, Flip, Skip, Mack, and sometimes Y.

Partial list of Jax Pavans (or should that be Jaxes Pavan?)Edit