The Idle Wookiemon is the upgraded version of the Wookiemon, he is made by adding enough spirits to a Wookiemon Rune. He greatly enchances your nutrient based monsters. He will fight with other demons even other idles. He will eat skeletons and spirits and Liliths, if he eats too much however like other over fed demons they will fall asleep and cancel their bonus and be vulnerable to heroes, because by the time he wakes up he will be dead. He is no a good fighter so make sure he is well gaurded. He is a black demon with red horns a red eye and red Tongue.

In What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2, when a block absorbs 30 nutrients and up and you cear all the space around it and mine out the high nutrients block, an Idle Wookiemon rune is created. Hit the rune to make an Idle Wookiemon.