In the Badman's Chamber, change Dungeon Settings to look like this.

  • Descent of Defeet:  Profound
  • Nutrients: None
  • Mana: A lot
  • Dig Power: Infinite

Select the Lilith you want to evolve Create long horizontal snaking tunnels 2 spaces apart from each other throughout the entire dungeon and wait until you have a lot of level 2 nutrient blocks.

Afterwards, invite Hunter-type Heros like Golstop, Ricter, or Ramboo to put poison meat. Put badman and the very bottom of the dungeon.

Spawn at least 50 Liliths, they will begin eating the poison meat, so make as many as you can. Spawn some Spirits so that the population grows faster.

Once you have a population of at least 50 Liliths, begin killing as many as you can with your pickaxe starting from the bottom of the dungeon.

Once you have 2 or 5 of them left, you'll get a warning saying that the Lilith might evolve. Feed the remaining Lilith and you'll produce a Lesser Lilith.