Dragons are powerfull magic-base units and are created from a level 3 mana block. It can breath fire. It creates guano, with can paralyse heroes and can be eaten by Omnoms. They can move horizontally, BUT they can´t move verticaly.

In-Game Descriptions Edit

  • Originally called Green Dragon, their name was officially shortened because they are the most common Dragon in the Netherworld. even though they are the lowest monster of their type, they're still freaking dragons! It only moves and attacks horizontally, so you must be careful when handling them. Their fire breath is very potent. - Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman 2! description.

Abilities Edit

All dragons have two basic attacks, a ranged fire-breath attack and a close-up bite attack. Unlike Liliths, their projectiles (fire breath) pierces through multiple targets, and Dragons don't care who they burn, so they will frequently kill your own army. They also drop Guano every now-and-then which not only paralyzes enemy Heroes, but will also feed your Omnoms. Finally, Dragons will lay an egg right before they die, allowing your dragons to reproduce.