Corpse (しかばわ Shikabawa), named Undeadly in early games, are the remains of a hero that has died. Nearby Spirits are absorbed by it, gaining mana. If the God of Destruction tap them with his pickaxe, they will reanimate into a Skeleman, its power depending on how much mana it has. By default it becomes a Skeleman, but when it gathers enough mana, it will become a red Skeleslave.

Almanac entriesEdit

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?Edit

059 Undeadly

  • Taxonomy: Dead guy

HP: None. He's already dead.

I think he's dead, Jim. No pulse, no vitals, no nothin'. Unless...give it a little poke and see what happens. It started out as a hero's corpse, and the more MP the hero had at the time of death, the stronger the new creation will be. Luckily, the tongue's gone, so no pithy heroic comments!

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2Edit

137 Undeadly

  • Food: Spirits
  • Predators: The Pickaxe
  • Replies: Never
HP: N/ASpecial: Inhales All Spirits Around It

There's no response. It looks like it's just a corpse. But, should the God of Destruction choose to poke it, it will come to life.

No Heroes Allowed!Edit

Item 002 Corpse

  • Diet: Spirits
  • Predator: Pickaxe
  • Reply: None
Max. HP: NoneSkills: Sucks up Nearby Spirits

Looks just like your average skeleton, but those pesky heroes continue to be annoying even from beyond the grave by sucking up any nearby Spirits. They can also be used to attract Mandrakes.


Its descriptions appear to be a reference to the recurring Dragon Quest series message "No reply. It's just a corpse." displayed when examining a corpse. In the English version, the beginning from the first Almanac entry is a reference to Leonard McCoy's quote "He's dead, Jim" from the Star Trek series.