Green Soil

Blocks (ブロック) are a gameplay feature from the series.

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Soil: Mana Lv. 3, 2, and 1. Lv. 0 (Empty). Nutrients Lv. 1, 2, and 3

Blocks fill the dungeons at the beginning of any level, and Soil (つし Tsuchi) blocks can be broken by the God of Destruction with his pickaxe. Soil blocks contain nutrients and mana, and they can also absorb them. The more it absorbs, the higher its level becomes. When a level 1 or higher block is excavated, a monster will be created from it. Slimemosses and Spirits are monsters known as producers that can transfer nutrients and mana between blocks.

In No Heroes Allowed!, some blocks sit on top of small deposits of water. When broken, the water will gush forth to fill the dungeon's corridors. Besides filling the dungeon, stagnant water can change the nutrients into Mold. Mold absorbs nutrients from nearby blocks, and when it absorbs enough, it changes into a Water Lily Shoot, and then goes to the water and becomes a Water Lily Bud, which float on the water while absorbing nutrients and can provide aquatic monsters. Blocks with mana are similar, growing into Mana Lily Shoots and Mana Lily Buds. Holy water purifies stagnant dungeon water in contact, making it lose its properties and purifying monster that touch it.

Yu-Nama: The Puzzle and relatedEdit

The God of Destruction must break blocks to form a combination of three monster blocks vertically or horizontally to summon them. The God can only summon five types of monsters in the dungeons, each with a different level. Only level 1-3 monsters appear naturally, with level 4-5 monsters being created with combinations. Combined blocks change into one higher level block. When level 5 blocks are combined, it breaks all soil and blocking blocks. Sometimes a monster block will contain nutrients, and it will level up an amount of blocks depending on its level. Soil blocks can be broken with the pickaxe or changed into level 1 monster blocks with nutrients. Blocking blocks are caused by heroes and can only be broken by combining adjacent monster blocks in the same line as it. Blocking blocks change into soil blocks with nutrients.

1GreenMosses, Spirits, and Thunderheads
2BlueInsects, Liliths, and Aquachnids
3RedLizardmen, Hurtles, Loreleis, Ladies, and Mimics
4Light BlueDemons, Maras, Golems, Skelemen, Homunculus, Humanoids, Mandrakes, and Whales