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Badman, known only as Overlord (魔王 Maou) in Japan, is the main character from the series, a diabolos (魔族, mazoku) that used all his power to summon a God of Destruction to protect him from heroes. In all games, the God of Destruction protects the Overlord Badman by summoning monsters to defeat the heroes. It's game over if one hero manages to capture Badman. During the games Badman is weakened due to using his power to summon the God of Destruction, doing nothing except for giving explanations and advice. In No Heroes Allowed! VR he is voiced by Tomokazu Seki in the Japanese version.


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The game starts with the Overlord reigning over the land, but when he finds and pulls an old switch, he views that he is only ruling a small land and there is still more to conquer. Not satisfied with how peaceful the place is, he sets out to conquer the land alongside a God of Destruction.

After beating Area 1 and Area 2, a false ending plays. Badman ends up on the brink of death, and the God of Destruction and Badmella need to revive him. After beating Area 3, he comes back to life.

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Badman in No Heroes Allowed! VR


Badman's name is based on Batman, possibly being named so to combine with the original title from the first game, "Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!", which is a reference to Robin's quotes from the 1960s Batman TV series.[1]

His name is unknown in the Japanese version, being known only as "Maou", a title that can have multiple translations such as "Overlord", "Demon Lord", and "King of Darkness".[2] Maou generally is a ruler of the mazoku species, the Overlord being one himself. His species was translated as Diabolos in English, which is a Greek word often translated as Devil.

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